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The Librarian

Paul-Emile Dumoulin has worked at the library of his municipality for 25 years. He is serious, proud, but sometimes so clumsy. The shelves must be impeccable, each book in its place. But beware, when Paul Emile Dumoulin begins to read passages, he completely gets absorbed by the story and his taste for adventure reveals him in a new light. He gets carried away, a madness takes hold of him and he starts doing acrobatics, balances, juggling, break dance and beat box. A funny show that makes you want to read!

A word from the director

Reading has always been for me one of the most stimulating and accessible activities, which in addition promotes the development of language, interest in writing and imagination in remarkable ways in children. As for the library, it is a place of all possibilities, over the shelves, from novels to documentary books, a place so calm and yet so noisy with all these words locked behind the covers, these words which are waiting only for to be read to come to life and take the reader on an adventure, a distant country, a fiction or a love story. The show “Le Bibliothécaire” gives a voice to the books through Paul-Emile Dumoulin interpreted by Hippolyte, a multidisciplinary artist who largely contributed to the creation.

Blending clowning, theatre and the circus arts, Le Gros Orteil performance company creates high-quality shows for young audiences. Improvisation, truthful emotions and interaction with the audience bring our shows to life. With their themes of travel and dreaming and enriched with subtle educational messages, our performances leave ample room for children’s avid imaginations and spontaneity to flourish, embarking our young audiences on a journey of story, emotion and reflection.

Culture MHM

“Le Bibliothécaire se pose en ambassadeur de la lecture, dont les bienfaits ne sont plus à démontrer.”


“Incarné avec brio par Hippolyte, artiste multidisciplinaire, ce bibliothécaire comique et dynamique a tout pour faire rire et donner envie de lire!”

La Provence

“Sur scène Hippolyte sait tout faire, c’est un artiste très complet qui manie aussi bien le diabolo qu’il monte au mas chinois, il jongle, il fait de la musique, des équilibres périlleux… Ses talents de clown sont énormes avec des rictus, des expressions de visage et des attitudes si évocatrices que le spectacle est compréhensible dans toutes les langues !”



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