Baobab Circus

Yé ! (L’Eau)

To tell about the capacity of Man to insist, to start over, to invent. What if the corners of a world in ruins became the setting for a rebirth? Another end of the world is possible. This is what these bodies are saying. Drawing from the source of creativity, the artists, acrobats and dancers take the spectator, along the water, on a journey of numerous environmental challenges.
From the ground to flight, beyond reason, these acrobatic birds transport us and question us about the climate emergency, the loss of bearings, the questioning of reality. Every existence is torn between the desire to rise and the fear of falling.
Ye! calls us TOGETHER, to build a world of tomorrow that will take care of nature and its future.

Circus Baobab is a collective of circus artists from Guinea and the diaspora, mixing the traditional modes of expression of the African circus and the new writings of the contemporary circus. Founded in 1998 on an idea by Laurent Chevallier, the Circus Baobab company benefited from the very beginning from the artistic support of Pierrot Bidon, former director of Archaos.

He directed several company shows. It is under the direction and production of Mory Diallo and Isabelle Sage that the Franco-Guinean relationship will take shape and will never cease to nourish the circus community and creations.

The company offers cultural mediation actions such as street circus foot workshops, awareness and initiation to acrobatics, street show performance, etc.


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