Basile Narcy


Mr. N. is employed by the company La Page blanche. Every day, he is at his desk with only a pile of sheets for company. However, the least of his actions leads him to break the rule. The pleasure of inventing is irresistible for him.

From the smallest gesture to the most acrobatic act, Mr. N. constantly pushes the limits of this space where he has imprisoned himself. He transforms white into black, black into white, the blank page into a host of unknown worlds… And when he is about to finally get to work, his fantasy catches up with him…. From one eclipse to the other, from balance to imbalance, Mr. N. is slowly led towards the exit of this office, towards himself, towards the unknown…

After training in prestigious national schools, Académie Fratellini, National School of Châtellerault, Circus Cirkor in Stockholm, National Circus School of Moscow, Basile Narcy creates acts for the Monti Circus (Switzerland) that he presents in Europe and Russia. In 2006, he co-founded the AKOREACRO Company which presented its first show So Circus. Pfffffff is created in 2009 and has been touring for more than four years. A success confirmed with Klaxon, created in 2013. These two shows will be performed in France and throughout Europe as well as in Quebec and Argentina. Their latest creation, Dans ton cœur, premiered in the summer of 2018 at the Zomer Festival in Antwerp and is touring in France and internationally.


Distribution Author and performer : Basile Narcy Original music : Guilhem Fontes with the participation of Vladimir Tserabun, Boris Vassalucci, Thomas Bourgeois and Baltazar Montanaro Dramaturgy: Sophie Guibard Creation and lighting / general management: Amélie Verjat Creation and sound management: Tom D'herin Stage manager: Franck Le Saint Cyr wheel design and painting: Pauline Guerrier Costume design : Clarisse Baudinière Motion Design : Sonia Lange New magic support : Allan Sartorie Set design : Basile Narcy Set Construction: Azad Pétré Production : Halle aux grains - scène nationale de Blois Coproduction : Abbaye de Noirlac - Centre culturel de rencontre In residence : Scène nationale d'Orléans Loan of video studio : Grenouilles Productions With the support of the D.R.A.C. and the Région Centre-Val de Loire This project has received a grant from the State - Ministry of Culture -, under the Recovery Plan, for the support to the artistic and cultural employment Photo & video credit : Niels Benoist


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