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It was founded by choreographer Caterina Mochi Sismondi, also author and director of all creation works and artistic director of Teatro Café Müller in Turin, where it has had its permanent home since 2018. In 2009 with an initial collective including performer and musician Gianluca Pezzino, dancer Elena Cavallo and playwright Marta Pastorino, she won the competition RIgenerazione for Sistema Teatro Torino and debuted at Festival delle Colline Torinesi with the show ApeRegina. Since 2010 she dedicates herself to performative projects, with artistic residencies and live performance stages and workshops called Déplacés, together with the actress and company icon Maria Rosa Mondiglio, being hosted in shows and festivals in Italy and abroad, including Inside/Off; E45 Napoli Fringe Festival, Galleria Toledo; Festival Insoliti; MAD and Approdi Villa5; Festival Hop. and in Reggia di Venaria; Teatro MacOrlan, Brest Festival in France; Pleased to meet you, in Asti and Palazzo Ferrero and in Biella; E(c)entrico, Artetransitiva and Il Corpo Urbano at Teatro Stalker; Morenica Festival 2012; the season of Teatro Toselli in Cuneo and Teatro Concordia in Venaria and to events in public and open air contexts such as Natura successive performances at Teatro della Tosse in Genoa, at Teatro the production of an international project from which the show Off Ballad was born in 2019, always through the idea of mixing the arts, with on stage seven performers including musicians, dancers, actors and contemporary circus artists, leading to a painting and vision of the scene suspended and dreamlike. Off Ballad takes part in the Marchesato Opera Festival in Saluzzo, in collaboration with Sabina Colonna Preti of Chimera, and debuts in 2020 at the festival directed by Emanuele Masi, Gravity Zero in Trento, to be then presented at the Teatro Alfieri for the Asti Teatro Festival. Also in the summer of 2020, blucinQue brings to the stage Vertigine di Giulietta – Distance mode, a show conceived from the first theatrical work, but adapting it to the changed working conditions of live performances at a distance and outdoors. After a summer tour between the Festival Mirabilia of Cuneo, Spazio Combo of the Teatro Stabile of Turin and other squares of the circuit of Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, brings the work in live streaming in the Sala del Maggior Consiglio of Genoa in December 2020. Last performance in Movement; Ailleurs en Ville, Amphithéâtre di Pont De Claix in France; Castello del Valentino in Turin. In 2014, the choreographer begins the creation Vertigine di Giulietta, which is selected by the network In Situ RassegnainSilenzio of Maura Sesia, the work Frames, focused on the theme of silence (continuing the research on J.Cage) and participates in Sansepolcro to the Festival of Caterina Casini and then to the review of Michela Lucenti, Resistere e Creare, at the Teatro della Tosse in Genoa, after the debut at the Lavanderia a Vapore. He also works on the first of the three solo sections of the Trilogy of the Limit, together with his collaborator and performer Jonnathan Rodriguez Angel. This is how Bird/Observatorio was born, premiered at the Festival delle Colline Torinesi and then at the Salle Noire in Grenoble, at Ateliersi in Bologna and at the Espace Catanstrophe in Brussels. Immediately afterwards, the second solo of the trilogy Look/Observatorio was born, which won the Trampolino prize, with the dancer and circus performer Lukas Vaka Medina and the musician Bea Zanin, presenting the work at the Castello di Colorno, with debut at the Festival of Avilain Spain, at the Festival Sul Filo del Circo, at the Cupula Festival of Arcozelo in Portugal, at the di blucinQue, Gelsomina Dreams, wins the announcement Vivere all’italiana sul Palcoscenico of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECi) in collaboration with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism Astra in Turin in the 2016 season and at the Festival, directed that year by Pippo del Bono, Asti Teatro, and in some theaters of the circuit of Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo. In residence at La Cascade in France he realizes and presents in preview, the show inspired by the sound world of John Cage We273″, concert for body voice and tool, present at Festival d’Avignon Off with 15 replicas and in the same year in Italy debuts at Festival Civitanova Danza. In 2017 she returns to the Festival Asti Teatro, under the new direction of Emiliano Bronzino, with the show Xstream, which with more than thirty replicas will be brought in Italy and abroad, in festivals such as Kilowatt Festival, Lugano Busker Festival, Circumnavigando in Genoa, Tutti Matti per Colorno and in the Season of Spazio Diamante in Rome, for Arteven in Chioggia and Odeo Days in Padua and at the Teatro delle Ali in Breno for the circuit Claps. In 2018 the choreographer continues with the company the research on the classics, proposing again the work Vertigine di Giulietta/relation1, always inspired by the ballet Romeo and Juliet, in residence at Corte Ospitale in Rubiera and at Crac in Lomme in Festival Natura in Movimento in Venaria and at Todi Festival. In 2018, the company won the notice Boarding Pass Plus, funded by MiBACT, for and collaborates with MTV for the project Mogeesdi Bruno Zamborlin in the Diana Gallery of the Reggia di Venaria.
With the musician and collaborator Davide Tomat he founds in Turin the Superbudda, with a new collective of musicians and performers. In the same year, through the workshop Studio sulla Vertigine, he starts to involve circus artists in the creation work, thanks to the close collaboration with Fondazione Cirko Vertigo together with Paolo Stratta, who is also producer and organizer of the company. This is how #VertigoSuite was born, presented in the form of a study at Festival Mirabilia 2014, at Castello di Rivoli for the Week of Culture in Europe and at Fonderie Teatrali Limone. Since the first creations, these are performances that investigate themes of “displacement”, of feeling “out of place”, even “out of body” or of one’s own identity, in continuous change, suspension, displacement and disequilibrium. #VertigoSuite wins the Next call and debuts at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan in 2015, with Francia, after a residency and a preview at the Lavanderia a Vapore in Collegno and the debut in a theatrical version, also on revised texts by Shakspeare, between music, dance and circus, in the season of the Teatro Comunale di Adria. He creates for the (MiBACT) and it was in tour in the course of 2021 in northern Italy. In summer 2021 Vertigine di Giulietta goes on tour through cities of Sardinia and Piedmont. In 2022 the tour continues with numerous dates throughout Italy, to which are added for Gelsomina Dreams the international dates of Frankfurt (Germany), Thessaloniki (Greece), New Delhi (India). From Gelsomina Dreams comes an extract in Solo, between movement, music and and poetry: SoloDue is the name of this performance presented at the Festival SoloCoreografico 2022. It’s consolidated the collaboration with the performer Alexandre Duarte and with a visual technical collective, accompanying the creative work of the creative work of blucinQue: the lighting designer Massimo Vesco, the video artist Stefano Rogliatti, the photographer Andrea Macchia and musician Beatrice Zanin, who will continue the path of creation to original music for all the shows. Between 2020 and 2022 many artists and staff members will participate in the new season between residency and performance, with the Solo in Teatro project, designed by Caterina Mochi Sismondi for Teatro Cafè Müller, which she has directed since 2018, and for the platform NicePlatform born in 2020.


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