Evolution Dance Theater

The eVolution dance theater was founded in 2008 and almost immediately devoted itself with success to create shows based on the fusion of imaginative athleticism and charming visionary. The great strength of the company is knowledge of a wider artistic vocabulary that is not limited only to dance but extends to other art forms such as video art, illusionism, and the surprising use of lights and special live effects.
Anthony Heinl, the choreographer of American origins, thanks to its extensive education and training in chemical sciences and technology, tends to experiment with new materials and the combination of the elements that give on stage the so-called “Hollywood effect”. Its magic also comes from a new idea, more modern and “television” of “Blacklight theater”.

Besides this large research and study of materials, it is not neglected the care of the movement. Anthony Heinl looks for dancers with particulare dynamics, all with a solid formation and training in different dance techniques. Every element that forms the company has its own experience and performance characterizes by his provenance. The intent is to keep constantly high the attention of the viewer. With short and effective scenes, the purpose is to vary as much as possible. Therefore the eVolution dance theater offers a “Show” able to entertain and enthrall.


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