St. Petersburg Male Ballet


Valery Mikhailovsky, the famous Saint-Petersburg ballet dancer, Honoured Artist of Russia and one of Russian classic and modern dance symbols founded a new original ballet group, having no analogues in the world in 1992 -- The Saint-Petersburg State Male Ballet. The group creator and creative director Valery Mikhailovsky is something of phenomenon in the international ballet word. He’s mentioned in the Encyclopedia of ballet as on outstanding ballet dancer. Valery Mikhailovsky’s St.Petersburg Male Ballet consists of first-class leading dancers and few persons of support staff in Russian classic repertoire. For the first time in the history of Russian Ballet the dancing group was formed exclusively of males and for the first time male-dancer stepped on pointe-shoes and performed the legendary feminine ballet parts of word classic repertoire. The perfect professionalism of new troupe dancers, the virtuosity of their tiptoe dancing technique really make the audience delight in wonderful ballet performance. The uniqueness of Male Ballet group is expressed in universal skill of classic and avant-garde modern ballet dance performance. All the dancers are really are able to perform the most sophisticated of contemporary male numbers in the first part of ballet show as well as they perform the feminine classic ballet numbers in the second part with their tiptoe technique virtuosity, with their brilliant dance manner and exclusive style, faultless taste and kind humor. Critics pointed that to prodigious success, which accompanies every performance of Valery Mikhailovsky Male Ballet is determined by absolute professionalism, fresh interpretation of ballet art and originality of courageous stagings. The Mikhailovsky Male Ballet has got over than 900 reviews full of sincere admiration not only in Russia and in the countries of former Soviet Union, but also all over the world. Among the magazines which have written about the male troupe there are such renowned publications as the ‘DANCE MAGAZINE” and ‘THE NEW YORK TIMES’, British and Japanese DANCE, as well as in the leading ballet magazines of France, Finland, Greece, Japan, South Korea, China, Israel, The Republic of South Africa, Spain, Macedonia and many others.

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