Le Cirque Invisible

There is only a bare stage, the magic tricks are purposely corny, and the largest wild animal is made of chairs. The entire troupe, including costumes and apparatus, could fit into a clown car with room left over for a family of four. This is far too modest to be the greatest show on earth. How about something simpler: a one-ring wonder. The sweetest little circus this side of Barnum. Le Cirque Invisible has the wit and wonder of some half-remembered childhood reverie, as well as some of the contemporary sass of Penn and Teller. But Le Cirque is not quite invisible. To make it appear full-blown, in all its winsome glory, the audience must supplement the inventions of its two creator- performers, Victoria Chaplin and Jean Baptiste Thierree, with creativity of their own. It is an aerobic workout for the imagination.


Victoria Chaplin, fourth child of Oona and Charles Chaplin, was born in Santa Monica, California…Because of Senator Mc Carthy and his « Witch Hunting », the whole family left the USA and settled in Switzerland where Victoria grew up…She studied dance and classical music there. Together with Liliane Boitel, she won the Moliere 2006 for the costumes she created for her son'James Thierree 's show LA SYMPHONIE DU HANNETON…She also directed and choreographed her daughter Aurelia's show L'ORATORIO D' AURELIA. Son of a workman, Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée was born in Paris..He worked as a printer's apprentice, prompter at the Theatre de la Porte Saint Martin, then as an actor…. Stage director Jean-Marie Serreau offered him a part in the COREENS by Michel Vinaver…Roger Planchon hired him in 1957 at the Theatre de la Cite…He also worked with Peter Brook.. At the age of 25, he created his own company and produced five shows in three years : Le Chevalier au pilon flamboyant by Beaumont and Fletcher, at the Grand Guignol Theatre, Revizor by Gogol, at the Centre Dramatique de l'Ouest, Cami Chaval (in association with Chaval) at the Comedie de Paris, Midi moins cinq by Jacques Sternberg and Ylipe at Liege Opera. He also participated to the following movies : Muriel by Alain Resnais, Dragées au poivre and Pièges by Jacques Baratier, and The Clowns by Fellini.. In 1968, he choosed the Circus. Victoria Chaplin and Jean-Baptiste Thierree met in 1969… In thirty years, they produced three shows : the CIRQUE BONJOUR, the CIRQUE IMAGINAIRE and the CIRQUE INVISIBLE ( since 1990 ). Jean-Baptiste Thierree would have loved « to have produced just one, but work on its improvement forever… »


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