Matteo Belli

Graduated with honors in Modern Literature, at the University of Bologna, with a thesis in Literature Italian on “Rime giullaresche e popolari d’Italia by Vincenzo De Bartholomaeis”, after years of classical and musical studies, from 1989 he began working in the theater as a mime-playmaker and actor, making shows as a director, author and actor. As a mime-jester, he participated in the review ‘Kleines fest im großen garten’ in Hanover (1994) and represented Italy in occasion of the 1st European Comedy Festival “United Slapstick” in Frankfurt (1993). For several years (since 1998) he worked as an actor, author and teacher for the Festival ‘Un puente, dos culturas’, in Argentina and Uruguay, of which he was also artistic co-director; he presented at the University of Toronto the project “La parola rappresentativa. Il lavoro dell’attore sulla poesia medievale Italiana” (2000); on a similar theme, since 2003, he has worked, as an actor and teacher, also in Switzerland, Brazil, Spain and France.
Among the projects that have seen him as author and performer there are “La bottiglia delle smorfie di sapone” (1990-1), “Lo scienziato e la formica. Giullarata di fine millennio” (1992), “Perseverare humanum est” (Piccolo mosaico di storie bibliche e moderne) (1994), from which a DVD was also made, as well as from the show “Trittico per un altare” (1996), “N come No, dai, un altro Recital?” (1999), “Genti, intendete questo sermone” (Monologhi giullareschi medioevali e moderni) (2000, BOOK + DVD del 2017), “Ora X: Inferno di Dante” (2001, DVD del 2007), “Marzabotto” (2008), written toggether with Carlo Lucarelli, “Bononia ridens” (Ritratti universali di comicità bolognese) (2013) and “Cuore in gola” (Storie di coraggio e di libertà) (2014).
As an author of rewriters and an interpreter he realizes “Le maschere di dentro” (Omaggio a Italo Calvino) (2001), “Favolando per il mondo” (5 favole per 5 continenti) (2003), “Le guerre di Walter” (Omaggio a Walter Chiari) (2007), riduzione solistica del precedente “Caro Walter…” (2006).
As a director and performer he stages, in addition to at least a dozen spectacle-readings (often with the presence of music on stage), “Un amore impossibile” by Giorgio Manganelli (2001), with actress Katia Pietrobelli.
The happy union that sees actors and musicians on stage, widely experienced by Matteo Belli, it induces to search, also as director and author of adaptations, texts in which the literary fabric is intertwined and completed in the live musical performance, as in “Del mondo ho cercato – Poesia e musica medievale Italiana” with ancient music Trio ‘Giocolari del Micrologus’ (1999) and “Concerto dal VI libro dell’Eneide” (2000), with music by Paolo Vivaldi, from which has been realised a CD (2001).
Since 2003 he has repeatedly staged “Nuove parole per le Stagioni” on “Le Quattro Stagioni” by Antonio Vivaldi, together with the Respighi Ensemble, of which a CD has been released (2005).
In 2006, however, is “Come l’aria dei venti, come i voli del sonno”, reading-concert from the second book of the Eneide by Publio Virgilio Marone, with music performed by the multi-instrumentalist Fabio Tricomi, while numerous, starting from 1996, are the editions of “Historie du soldat”, to music by Igor Stravinsky and libretto by Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz.
As a mime, actor and narrator he participates in more than one hundred events, including readings, concert readings and shows with other artists and companies. He has been the guest of numerous radio and television broadcasts in Italy and abroad, as well as having participated, as a narrator, in various record productions.
Since 2005 he leads, together with prof. Franco Fussi, a research on the tonal qualities of the actor’s voice, presented during some international conferences and merged, in 2010, into publication of the multimedia DVD “Solo Orchestra. Vocal work in Matteo Belli’s Theater ”.
Since 1992 he has conducted an intense didactic activity, often resulting in the production of end-of-course shows, also winning some prizes and special mentions and collaborating, such as lecturer, with the Universities of Bologna, Pisa and Milan. He also made further directing, including the documentary film “Pianoro strada statale 65” (1994) and the theatrical monologue “Dedicato a Firdaus” (2003), based on “Firdaus” by Nawal al Sa’dawi, with actress Katia Pietrobelli. About ten are the degree theses dedicated to the theatrical work of Matteo Belli.
He is one of the founders and president of the Ca ‘Rossa cultural association / Theater Center for Orality with whom he created, as artistic director, the reviews of shows “Ci sarà una volta… Radici antiche e nuovi orizzonti del Teatro d’Arte Popolare”, “Parola d’attore” and “Verba volant”.


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