Drawing from tango’s tumultuous sources, Otango also had to devote itself to draw its present portrait and its future, to glorify its most intimate feelings as well as its most violent ones. Breathing into Tango a theatrical life, Otango prunes without concession the over performed clichés, so offering it an path determinedly different from demonstration productions. From its creation, Otango had the luck to achieved a tremendous success and has become a magnificent human adventure, the one of a creative team experienced in greatest stages requirements, convinced allies of artists at the top of their arts. Otango, LibertangoAlive, Otango remains a living work, in continuous change since its birth in Buenos Aires, in June 2004. While preserving the spirit of its first breath, its limits are constantly pushed away, in order to maintain the high quality level without which Otango would have no reason to be. Continuing to enrich a wardrobe created exclusively for it, Otango counts at present about 60 original costumes. These noble or popular witnesses of shady time or golden ages keep in common the reflection of a sensuality and an eroticism always bound to tanguera’ spirit.
Selected for their well known qualities as well as for their differences in style, Otango’s artists show the tango in its largest range of forms. They are taking you to a journey of discovery of traditional tango sensuality, the elegance of tango noble, the romanticism of tango waltz, the tango Canyengue games, the saucy figures of tango Milonga, the revolution of tango Nuevo… and of course its pure music and its poetry, inspired from its heart-rendering deepness.

1909. Buenos Aires’ harbour. In the quays’ moistness, a new night falls on the old cafe. From this scoundrel den to Paris’ roaring twenties, from a post-war ball to an evanescent present, a man go over his life in search of the lost love. But of these heartrending memories, only his madness remains… Will he finally find there the one that he so much loved ? Even today this dancing sex, this heathen phoenix will for ever have the ultimate talent to amaze, where one never expected…



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