Cie Hervé Koubi

« In 2009, Hervé Koubi organised an audition in Algeria for the début of a work which has now finished with the creation of Ce que le jour doit à la nuit. As the young boy, an ordinary hero from the eponymous novel by Yasmina Khadra, sent from one family to another, Hervé Koubi embarks as an explorer of his own history which crosses that of the boy’s with a big H. « It is like an orientalist of the XIXth century come to Algeria to give life to his dreams of the Orient; I would like to give life to my dreams as a child born in France, and who discovered belatedly his true origins and those of his parents, Algerians from birth ».
Twelve Algerian and Burkina Faso dancers, mostly coming from street dance, from hip-hop, have furnished the necessary effort for this long-term project, encountered and then worked to measur ciselée, e with each of the interpreters, already attempted with El Din. Fed by Orientalist paintings, the stone filigree of islamic architecture, Hervé Koubi traces his own path, made of entanglements, a complex weave. « Lace, he precises- he who has always been fascinated by its design- is before all else a way of creating ‘le jour’ (the day), the day in a textile, the day rendered in matter…the day in my history… ». Ce que le jour doit à la nuit is as its title implies, a mixing up of time and a story of links. »

Text written by Marie-Christine Vernay for the presentation of the piece Ce que le jour doit à la nuit at the ‘Pavillon Noir d’Aix en Provence’.


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