Balletto di Siena

Balletto di Siena was founded in 2012 by Marco Batti thanks to the Territory of Siena’s Patronage, to the Culture’s Assessor and Municipal Theatres of the City’s Director. This young artistic reality works in order to propose performances where technique precision is combined with movements full of emotion and passion.
The dramaturgical research is tight to the choreographic work, in order to communicate with all the theatre’s audience, touching the deepest feelings of everyone. Over the years, productions created by director and founder Marco Batti, became part of the company’s repertoire, as the productions signed by numerous Guest Artists.
Young dancers of Balletto di Siena are stimulated by the comparison with choreographers invited to create for them, from Russian Vitali Safronikine to Belgian Sara Olmo, even the Italian Emanuela Tagliavia, Roberta Ferrara and Irene Sgobbo.
Balletto di Siena is proud to include also many collaborations with prestigious Etoiles and Soloists, as Giuseppe Picone, Beatrice Carbone and Mick Zeni.



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