Mordovian State Opera and Ballet

Today the ballet company in Saransk is a constantly upgrading collective. Its list of productions contains not only the classical performances as Giselle by A. Adam, Don Quixote by L.Minkus, La Esmeralda by Cesare Pugni, Swan Lake by P. Tchaikovsky,

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC), one of the leading dance companies in the world, is identified with the work of acclaimed Artistic Director Rami Be’er whose exclusive and unique choreographic character has become the company’s trademark both in Israel and

Cie Hervé Koubi

« In 2009, Hervé Koubi organised an audition in Algeria for the début of a work which has now finished with the creation of Ce que le jour doit à la nuit. As the young boy, an ordinary hero from

Gandini Juggling

Gandini Juggling has been set up to celebrate the art of juggling in all its facets, fuelled by a belief that juggling is an exciting living art form. During the last past 19 years, the Gandinis have performed over 4,000

Evolution Dance Theater

The eVolution dance theater was founded in 2008 and almost immediately devoted itself with success to create shows based on the fusion of imaginative athleticism and charming visionary. The great strength of the company is knowledge of a wider artistic


Dance is a universal language, people all over the world understand it. Internationalisation is one of the key points in the Introdans policy. Introdans has a growing amount of performances on international stages and festivals. The company is regularly invited

Balletto di Siena

Balletto di Siena was founded in 2012 by Marco Batti thanks to the Territory of Siena’s Patronage, to the Culture’s Assessor and Municipal Theatres of the City’s Director. This young artistic reality works in order to propose performances where technique

Smuin Ballet

Smuin pushes the boundaries of contemporary ballet within a distinctly American style, combining classical ballet training, technique, and artistry with uncommon physicality and expression. Smuin offers audiences an experience of ballet that is entertaining, evocative, and original.


The Rite of Spring (1913) is a break with academicism for two reasons: the Stravinsky score refuse the German symphonic system and is inspired by Slavic melodies. As for the choreography of Nijinsky, she gets her inspiration from the popular

Sofia National Ballet

The National Ballet celebrated its 80th anniversary. The first professional Bulgarian ballet performance, Coppйlia, set by Atanas Petrov, was given on February 22, 1928. This date is considered the founding date of the National Ballet Company, part of the National

Los Vivancos

After receiving a long and complete artistic formation in dance, music and martial arts, and after collaborating with foremost national and international dance companies, Elias, Judah, Josua, Cristo, Israel, Aaron came together in 2007 to create what has been considered

The Georgian National Ballet

The Georgian National Ballet was founded by Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili in 1945 and was initially named as The Georgian State Dance Company. It was the first professional state dance company in Georgia. After them many other companies were

Minsk Opera Ballet

The first permanent theater was founded in Belarus in 1933 on the basis of the Belarusian opera and ballet school. Bizet’s Carmen opened the theater on May 25, 1933 with the title role being sung by Larisa Aleksandrovskaya. Several professional

Ballet Junior de Genéve

Created in 1980, the Ballet Junior is a true stepping stone bewteen training and professional life. It allows young dancers, coming from all horizons, to work with many choreographers and perform on stage several times per season. By strengthening their


For 15 years Aracaladanza has shared a fascinating world with the public. From their vision and through their imagination and dance you can embellish and magically transform reality. And to do so you only have to say the name of


When Companhia Urbana de Dança made its US debut at New York City Center in 2010, the eyes of even the most «been-there-saw-that » critics opened wide with amazement. Destri’s boldly original mix of contemporary Brazilian dance and hip-hop infused

3e étage

3e étage (3rd Floor) is a group that highlights the singularity of some of the most exceptional dancers from the Paris Opera Ballet in ingeniously structured shows, which allow them to unleash the full range of their prodigious capabilities.Under the


Drawing from tango’s tumultuous sources, Otango also had to devote itself to draw its present portrait and its future, to glorify its most intimate feelings as well as its most violent ones. Breathing into Tango a theatrical life, Otango prunes


Diavolo was founded in 1992 in Los Angeles by Jacques Heim to create large-scale interdisciplinary performances which examine the funny and frightening ways individuals act with their environment. The craftiness and wit of Diavolo is captured by the stylized fox


After a successful career as a dancer, choreographer and Director of the Buenos Aires San Martín Theater’s Contemporary Ballet, Ana María Stekelman started researching Tango and its fusion with Contemporary Dance. The outcome of this work — which spanned ten

Rafael Amargo

Rafael Amargo, dancer and choreographer, is today definetely one of the most known and appreciated flamenco artists worldwide. His last creation is particulary elegant and intensely interpreted. Gran Gala Flamenco is a “travel” into the heart of pure flamenco, which

Sydney Dance Company

The 2009 appointment of Rafael Bonachela as Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company has given birth to a new era in Australian contemporary dance. Rafael’s first commissioned work as a guest choreographer with the Company was 360° in 2008. Since

Stephen Petronio Company

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Petronio is widely regarded as one of the leading dance makers of his generation New music, visual art and fashion collide in his dances producing powerfully modern landscapes for the senses. He  has built

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (HSDC), holds a unique place within the American dance field. As one of the country’s most important contemporary dance companies, HSDC encompasses a vast array of techniques and forms, as well as an understanding of abstract


Motionhouse was founded by Kevin Finnan and Louise Richards in 1988. The company has since become one of the leading dance theatre companies in the UK making thier work locally, touring the work globally. They create startling, passionate dance theatre.

Prague National Ballet

The Czech National Ballet has played a dominant role in the development of Czech ballet art resulting not only from its statute but also from the fact that it is the largest ballet ensemble in the Czech Republic. Its founding

Brno National Ballet

The Brno National Theatre Ballet is among the most renowned in Europe for the conservation of great classical repertoire, for its rich artistic history for the broad repertoire. The high professionalism, both of the dance ensemble and soloists, allow the

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