Ephemerals’ upcoming fourth album The Third Eye (Jan 2020) bears witness to how far the band has come from their traditional soul beginnings. They are jazz innovators, weaving popular song structures and vocals into updated spiritual and orchestral sounds, for

Mordovian State Opera and Ballet

Today the ballet company in Saransk is a constantly upgrading collective. Its list of productions contains not only the classical performances as Giselle by A. Adam, Don Quixote by L.Minkus, La Esmeralda by Cesare Pugni, Swan Lake by P. Tchaikovsky,

Compagnia Baccalà

Two modern-day clowns take to the stage. This can not be good news. Brilliant, tender, hilarious and ingenious, inspired by Chaplin, Keaton and the stars of silent films, Baccalà’s timeless performance of enthralling physicality and exquisite expression has been delighting audiences the world

Machine de Cirque

Poetic and humorous, the five guys of Machine de Cirque really know how to please. The only problem is they think they are all alone in the world. Their mission is to find others with the use of a strange

Sy Smith (USA)

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer, Sy Smith is one of the brightest exponents of the West-Coast  nu-soul scene which now boasts some of the most progressive artists of that genre to date, some of whom came directly from Smith’s

Oz Noy (USA)

Israel born guitar phenom Oz Noy is that rare artist — one who has cultivated his own distinct voice within the context of classic structures. By age 24, he was one of the most established studio guitar players in the

Paris Combo (FR)

Belle du Berry – Vocals, Potzi – Guitar, Francois Jeannin – Drums/Vocals, David Lewis – Trumpet/Piano Benoît Dunoyerde Segonzac – double bass (and occasionally featuring Rémy Kaprielan – percussion, vocals, sax) The group has an eclectic style, blending elements from

Natacha Atlas (BE)

Natacha Atlas is an internationally-acclaimed artist with one of the world’s most distinctive voices. Long known for synthesising western and middle eastern vocal traditions with mind-blowing dexterity, Natacha’s latest work sees her push vocal and musical boundaries even further by

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